by Rob Marchalonis.

Work-from-home (WFM) is now a big deal, but will it last? Ask yourself a few questions. Do you like working from home? Do your employees like working from home? How is it going for everyone?

Regardless of what anyone “likes”, I believe the future of WFM jobs depend mostly on one thing… productivity! If businesses, employers, and employees can find a way to “produce” more effectively, efficiently, and sustainably from home, then that’s where the work will be done. Pretty simple, but wait…

How should you measure “production”? This gets tricky, but I’ll share a few considerations:

  • Stakeholders – how well are all the “people” you impact being satisfied?
  • Financials – are your critical economic results improving, or declining?
  • Efficiency – have desirable “outputs” risen, relative to required “inputs”?
  • Growth – are key parts of your business getting bigger and better?
  • Culture – how are you sustaining what makes you unique and desirable?
  • Risk – which dangers to your business have been reduced, or grown?
  • Orientation – for new employees, how will you orient, train, & mentor?

Where you and your employees “do your job” may have changed in 2020 and, at least for a while, scrambled expectations. If you like work-from-home and want it to continue, stay productive!

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