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Reward Results, Not Time

illustration2IncentShare helps you develop simple yet effective sharing plans that reward “outcomes and results” rather than “hours and intentions.” Does your current compensation approach pay for time, or reward performance? We help you create well-structured plans with measurable success indicators that link employee compensation and benefits directly to your organization’s prosperity.

Succeed, by Sharing

illustration3The most successful and productive organizations have very high levels of employee buy-in and sharing. They motivate their workforce with a clear purpose and the benefits that employees can enjoy when the organization’s critical outcomes are achieved. The greater the correlation between outcomes and rewards, the greater the commitment, innovation, and effort to meet those objectives.

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“Rob is an amazing motivator and leadership developer. Why? Because at the core of everything he does he promotes strong human resources practices to guide the organization.” — M.A.G., President, IHN HR LLC  

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