“We contacted Rob at LSP123 when we began expanding our business into a new line.  Rob met with us on several occasions, sharing his vast knowledge of sales.  Rob even took the time to go out on sales calls with us, providing constructive criticism and plenty of positive reinforcement.

Fast forward a year and a half later, utilizing the help of LSP123, I am pleased to say we are more than doubling our goals in our new line.  We can’t thank Rob enough for all he has done to help!”

J.E., Commercial Vehicle Specialist, Harrisburg, PA

“Rob is an amazing motivator and leadership developer.  Why?  Because at the core of everything he does he promotes strong Human Resources practices to guide the organization.”

M.A.G.,  President, IHN HR LLC

“I got to know Rob when he was running Stoner, pursuing the Baldrige Award.  Rob helps decision makers look at complex challenges from a powerful perspective that focuses on Leadership, Strategy and Process.  He has a proven track record of helping leaders develop mindsets and make decisions that result in revenue-driving sound strategy and processes.  In spite of being one of (just a few) CEOs in America to win the Baldrige Award, he is very down-to-earth and approachable.  He excels at listening well and finding innovative solutions.”

G.A., Project & Development Leader, Naval Academy, Marine, Lancaster, PA

“Rob has been meeting with our small family service company for about 2 years now.  We meet monthly and analyze our “dashboard” of critical indicators.  Rob has helped us design an incentive plan based on our gross profit which has had a positive impact on our productivity.  We’ve benefited greatly from our monthly meetings, LSP123 seminars, as well as our quarterly board of advisors meetings of which Rob plays a vital part.  As a result, our company is enjoying an average 15% annual growth, great cash flow, and a healthy bottom line.  Thanks, Rob!”

C.E., Owner & Sales Manager,  Regional Service Company, Downingtown, PA

“Rob came highly recommended by a successful businessman who told me that Rob could help me scale my organization.  Using the processes Rob teaches I now have a clear focus for myself and our development team.  I am confident with the leadership strategies we are implementing we will have a 15% growth this year.  I highly recommend that you come to Rob’s seminars so you can benefit from his training.”

M.O., Sales & Development Leader, Lititz, PA

“Rob’s approach to leadership-first growth is timely and important for our growing organization. He uses relevant material, culturally powerful examples, and cross-discipline tools that challenge the conventional thinking that’s limiting our growth potential.  Leadership first!”

K.M., Non-Profit Workgroup Leader, Manheim, PA

“Rob brings great value as an advisor and mentor.  His experience gained as a CEO provides keen insight into how I view the leadership, strategy and processes of our organization.  Personally, Rob has provided insight helpful in my staffing needs and building a successful team to process accounting operations for an international nonprofit organization. He also brings insight in benchmarking best practices and developing key performance indicators.”

L.H., CPA, Accounting Manager, Lancaster, PA

“As a recent college graduate I sat through lectures and presentations for the last five years, almost all of which lacked substance and depth. At LSP123 (training) Rob does an awesome job breaking down topics and making them practical for his audience. His sessions are very thorough and he encourages interaction, which results in a comfortable learning environment. I highly recommend attending – they WILL add value to your business life. Well done Rob! Thank you for the insight.

J.E., Small Business Owner & Entrepreneur, West Chester, PA

“Rob is a skilled communicator taking years of top level experience combined with current examples and inspiring great leadership, strategy & processes with LSP123. There are few in his class with such strong character and values.”

K.M., Church Leader, Athlete, Husband, Father of 3, Mount Joy, PA