We are Here to Help You!  

We recognize that each organization has different resources to develop and implement compensation plans.  No matter if you are small and entrepreneurial or have a well-staffed and experienced Human Resource department, we have resources and options to help you.

Do you prefer DIY or DIFM?

When it comes to compensation planning, some of you may prefer to do-it-yourself (DIY) while others will value a full-service do-it-for-me (DIFM) approach.  Whatever your situation or needs, know that we have knowledge, training, and advisors that can make your job easier!  We can even assess your current compensation plans to provide feedback and suggest improvement ideas.  Consider these resources to help you audit, plan, implement, or improve your variable compensation strategies.

IncentShare Resources:

  • Online Content at IncentShare.com
  • FREE Download – Are Incentives Right for You
  • Read the book, IncentShare, available at Amazon.
  • Have Your Current Plan Assessed
  • IncentShare Starter Kit
  • IncentShare Do-It-Yourself Kit
  • Expert Phone Consultation
  • IncentShare Off-Site Training
  • IncentShare On-Site Training
  • By-Your-Side Assistance at Your Location
  • IncentShare Partnership