New Book Helps Employers Motivate, Recruit, and Get Results with Incentives.

by Rob Marchalonis.

When you learn to share your success with variable pay plans, everyone wins.

Every day, millions of employees show up at work physically, but the evidence reveals that most are not into their work mentally.  As a result, these disengaged, distracted, or discouraged workers cost employers time, money, and frustration.  The opportunity is to engage and energize employees by giving them an incremental share of the organizations success.  But how?  IncentShare®, a new book for organization leaders, shows how incentives and variable compensation plans can focus and unleash employees to achieve remarkable results.

Nothing motivates a team more than when they share in the success or gains they help achieve! Properly structured incentives give employees a more personal stake in the organization’s outcomes and:

  • Boost engagement and morale.
  • Facilitate communication and teamwork.
  • Strengthen recruiting and retention.
  • Increase productivity and profit.

IncentShare author, Rob Marchalonis, provides insights, research, stories, and solutions to help leaders decide if incentives are right for their business or nonprofit enterprise. He reveals smart ways to use variable compensation with a step-by-step process. He challenges misconceptions about compensation while proving his point with workplace engagement statistics, employment data, and real-world examples that demonstrate the power of incentives.

Employers can tap into the enormous potential of their workforce and get the results they want by reading IncentShare now available on Amazon and Kindle.  Learn more, get a free download, and see a short video at