Share Your Way to Better Results!

WELCOME to IncentShare!  We provide custom compensation solutions, to help you “succeed by sharing”!

by Rob Marchalonis

Share Your Way to Better Results!

Incentives can motivate your team and boost your results.  Yes, there are lots of ways to motivate a team, but none are as powerful as “sharing your success” with the employees that will get you there.  If you can find a way to share a portion of your success, (your current or incremental results), in a way where your team will benefit proportional to the gains or improvements they make, you will unleash employee potential you never before imagined!  When “results and success are shared”, people rise up to perform their best, and to win!

Unleash individual and team potential.  IncentShare can help you tap into the enormous potential (and capacity) of your employees, especially when they work together as a team.  IncentShare helps you design “custom variable compensation plans” that let you carefully and effectively share a portion of your success with your employees.  When success is shared…  effort, teamwork, productivity, and more can rise significantly, resulting in better outcomes, results, and prosperity for everyone!

Are incentives right for you?  If you’ve been wondering how to motivate your workforce for better results, download our free brochure, Are Incentives Right for You, 8 Questions to Help You Decide. This multi-page document will help you understand the power of variable compensation plans and how they could help your organization boost results, capture opportunities, and “share your success” with incentives!

Rob Marchalonis is the founder of IncentShare and author of IncentShare: Motivate, Recruit, and Get Results with Incentives, now available at Amazon. Connect with him at